Beaver Board SUP Packages

Find out why everybody loves Beaver Board SUPs

Beaver Boards Canada designs SUP's that ensure beginners enjoy an effortless paddle, while still having the performance for intermediate to beyond expert paddlers. Shaped to offer the best performance in real world conditions, our innovative designs optimize glide and track no matter what mother nature has to offer. 

Our boards are stable, responsive and every single one has a built-in grab handle that makes it easy to carry.

The greater the volume of the board, the great the surface volume.  The greater the surface volume the greater the stability.  In some areas around the world, they have not adopted the metric system for measuring volume.  In these areas they measure the volume in beer.  We think this is a pretty good idea and have shown the beer volume of each board (slushy volume for the 'Little Beaver').
The Beaver Board Fibreglass Package
your best value
 Every fibreglass package includes:
~ stand up paddleboard
~ coiled leash
~ 100%carbon fibre paddle
~ padded travel bags for both your paddle and your ride
Key features include:
~ EPS core with wood stringer
~ triple layer 6 oz. fibreglass
~ extreme quality epoxy resin
~ automatic air breather valve
~ impact resistant bamboo deck and hull