Why We Do It.

We started the Sea to Sky Adventure Company in Squamish, BC in 2010 and began to rent stand-up paddle boards (SUP’s). The boards we used were notable high-end SUP’s from leading board manufacturers. These boards had a maximum weight capacity of 77 kg (170 lbs). They were coming back damaged with cracks and punctures. Some complained that the boards were not very stable and that it took quite a while to be able to stand up. It was evident that the manufacturers intended the boards to be used on sandy beaches with warm water, the paddler to be experienced and weigh less than 77 kg (170 lbs). 

When the boards were repaired we was noticed how thin the epoxy/fiberglass covering the EPS core was and that these leading manufacturers were more concerned with reducing the board weight by a kg or two than improving the boards durability. The top surface could easily flex with the pressure of a finger push. The curve of the board, the nose and tail rocker, were the same as surf boards and created an unstable platform for flat-water and wind-chopped waters. This type of thinking is directly attributed to the surfing industry. 

With the limitations of the available SUP’s the challenge was to design a board to meet the needs of the Canadian waters. 

Canada’s waters are colder than California or Hawaii, so in general the SUP’s needed to be stable to ensure the paddler can stay on the board with little to no experience; shores are mainly rocky; not sandy so the underside of the board must be able to withstand rock scrapes, all stability must come from the board design and be able to track through wind-chop; and these boards must be rated for paddlers over 102 kg  (225 lbs). 

At first the SUP’s in production were to simply be rented through the Sea to Sky Adventure Company. But as the quality and design began to make waves in the industry it became a sought after product.  A 100% carbon fibre paddle, coiled leash and paddle and  travel bags are now part of every Beaver Boards package.

Beaver Board SUP's are designed in Canada to meet the challenges of the Canadian water.  We have lots of rock and gravel, so we have triple layered our fibreglass to ensure the boards can take the abuse. 

Now that we've mastered the designs to dominate the elements Canadians bare no matter the time of year, we have begun customizing our SUP's to endure other environments. You'll find us in Mexico and Belize, with other markets coming soon!